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    Groceries Store

    Organize your store with Five Star Point-of-Sale system.

    • Supply your inventory
    • Attend your customers quickly
    • Accept different types of payment
    • Customize your discounts and tax directly

    Coffee shop

    Install our app and you can share the orders with your attendant, cashier, and barista.

    • Customers will enjoy asking their orders with our illustrative menus
    • Receive payments quickly
    • Accept different types of payments
    • Customize your discounts, tips, and tax directly

    Dark Kitchen

    Five Star Point-of-Sale has the best solution for you.

    • Modernize the accountability in your business
    • Operate your employee’s salary
    • Supply your inventory
    • Cut time in your deliveries


    The Restaurant Point-of-Sale system that adapts with you.

    • Give customers the flexibility to choose their type of payment.
    • Delivery and contactless online ordering
    • Don’t worry if internet doesn’t work at that time, automatically offline will be available
    • Take customizable orders


    The Point-of-Sale system for bakeries that offers you better solutions.

    • Customize your discounts for your loyal customers
    • Sell your products per slice or the entire cake
    • Serve every type of cake at your customers
    • Supply your inventory


    Facilitate your service with Five Star Point-of-Sale system.

    • Simplify your menu navigation
    • Reduce wait time with a display in your kitchen
    • Let your clients customize their pizza
    • Discover how much money your services generate


    Whether it’s big or a small business, Five Star Point-of-Sale has a solution for your company.

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