Work wherever you want with Five Star Point-of-Sale system,is a cloud-base system that helps you run your business at your fingertips. Anywhere your location is, you can work from any device. Access to your reports and data from any location, monitor inventory levels from anywhere.


A complete, powerful, and reliable payment solution integrated with your POS system.

Modern, secure, and affordable payment solution. With Five Star system accepts payments from credit, debit,contactless payments, checks and cash.

Give your customers different ways to pay.

With Five Star system accept payments everywhere, anywhere. In store, on the go, online and on the phone.

Online Terminal

Five Star Point-of-Sale system will help you and make your business life easier, if you are not in the store, or don’t have the device at that moment, you can use our Online Terminal. It will bring you flexibility, and convenience of processing payments wherever you happen to be. You just need to log in to our Five Star Web Dashboard from any device and that’s it, you’re ready for business.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory in real time, create inventory counts, and shoppinglists with Five Star’s management console.

You will not forget to buy your products on time. When your stock is about to run out, Five Star system will send you a notify automatically so you don’t forget. With Five Star you can also buy bundles with multiple units of the same product, our system will allow you to automatically calculate the cost when you sell each product separately.

Employee Management

The perfect solution for your staff.

Employees are the most important resource for your business to succeed. Discover how Five Stars could help your member staff to stay in the same team as you are. We deliver tailored employee management solutions for your business.


Your customers can make their invoices very quickly and can be paid within a day.

Customer Rewards

Five Stars will help you by rewarding your most loyal customers, you can create a unique loyalty program, with discounts.

Tracking and Reporting

Use Five Stars’ analytic tools to create your reports, and review your sales trends, your data and analyze your track key metrics.

Filter your POS reports to see your busiest times and your best-selling items

Kitchen Ordering Ticket

A kitchen order system is just as essential to the success of any restaurant.This will help to improve your kitchen efficiency. This tool not only help each member of your back-of-house team stay organized, but they also promote accountability.

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